Brisbane Fishing Charters

The Fishing Vessel

The MV Discovery is a 30ft ‘Shark Cat’, very safe and stable in all conditions, seating for up to twelve guests as well as our skipper and deckhand. With a covered roof to protect guests from direct sunlight and an enclosed toilet for privacy. Powered by two 250 hp Yamaha power houses, you’ll appreciate how quiet and reliable the motors are. Getting to the reef takes no time at all!

The Fishing Crew

Both our skipper and deck hand are very knowledgeable and patient, they will assist with all your fishng needs. If you look closely on the back of the skippers neck you can sometimes see a scale!

The Fishing Service

Our crew will take care of you, the deck hand is the busiest person on the boat, making sure you’ve got bait, giving fishing lessons, gutting, gilling, and bagging your catch. While the skipper chases the fish out of there hide spots with our fish finding equipment. local knowledge and let’s be honest a bit of luck, after all ‘fishing is fishing’!

What’s Provided

We provide all your fishing equitment including bait and tackle. We also provide Ice cold soft drinks and cool bottled water, on our nine hour charters we also provide plenty of lunch.

Where do we go, what do we do?

Once aboard the MV discovery your first stop is the bait grounds, there we jig for live bait. When there is enough live bait onboard, it’s off to the reefs where you have a good chance of catching  snapper, trag jew, cobia, king fish and many other reef dwelling species. While your reef fishing, the live bait will go out on a floater ( balloon) so if there’s anything hanging around the surface, the floater will snap that up. When we’ve spent enough time in this spot we will try another, while we do that we’ll try dragging some lures, (we have a good chance of catching a Marlin, Dolphin Fish, Spanish Mackerel as well as other surface feeding fish).  The boat will then return to a different spot on the reef and repeat steps one and two through-out the day.

‘Discovery Fishing Charters’ provides knowledgeable and enjoyable fishing tours off the Gold Coast. The experienced guides have years of local knowledge to ensure that you and your party achieve a good catch. Relax on our MV Discovery charter boat and let the skipper and hi-tech fish finding electronics transport you to the fish where you can drop a line and reel in a snapper, Pearl Perch or a Shark.

Things To Expect When Deep Sea Fishing

The wind in your hair, the spray of salt water over the bow, the anticipation of a monstrous tug at the end of your tackle, the thought of catching something that would take more than 5 people to carry, that image of showing a picture of you and a fish with a body length longer than yours. Nausea?….Hopefully not. Here are 9 other things you might expect on your deep sea fishing trip.

1. Nothing shallow. As the word deep means, you will be setting off on a boat to waters that are more than 30 meters deep. This will definitely bring you a certain distance away from dry land so make sure you have everything you need with you.

2. Expect that your fishing expedition will be dependent on weather conditions; wind that adversely affects the waters, wave strength plays a great role in navigation. Your skipper will tell you more about this as deep sea fishing can be inherently dangerous but given the right precautionary measures, the risks are minimized. If your trip is cancelled due to these reasons, no need to feel blue, ‘Discovery Fishing Charters’ can immediately set your trip to another date and time so you can wet your line and enjoy it safely.

3. Deep sea boats are much bigger than inshore fishing boats. They are made of sturdier quality to withstand the elements of the open sea such as strong winds and waves. Deep sea boats are also made larger to accommodate those hundred pound monsters you that your tackle will hook.

4. Deep sea fishing is much more physical than inshore fishing. If you are accustomed to sitting on your buttocks with one hand on the pole and the other with a can of beer, think again. Deep sea fishing will take more than all hands on deck. When you hook that first catch, it will be more than a jerk you can handle with one hand. Deep sea fish are bigger and swim stronger than inshore fish.

5. Different set of rods. Deep sea fishing utilizes the same equipment only with different specs. The tackle is more tolerant to sea water as salt tends to cause corrosion faster compared to normal inshore or freshwater equipment. Lines are made more durable to withstand game weight and pull. Multiplier reels also take place of the conventional reel to eradicate friction. The different gears let you have a more stable and stronger hold of your line as you reel your 100 pounder out of the water and on to your boat.

6. Run-in’s. Expect to meet more than your average pond frogs, or local lake creatures. You are in the open sea where you get the chance to see the good, the bad and the ugly. Dolphins, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, and yes sharks, no need to feel anxious about this possible run in, Discovery Fishing Charters and your skipper are knowledgeable of deep sea fishing spots and will ensure absolutely safey.

7. Expect action. Deep sea fishing is action packed, strong gusts of winds and waves will make sure your adrenalin is pumping, this will be taken a notch higher as you hook your first catch. Expect to get wet and sweaty as you tirelessly reel in your fishing trophy for the day.

8. You will be expertly guided and coached throughout your adventure by experienced individuals who have the endeavor for the sport. Deep sea fishing is a totally relaxing sport and with the best fishing buddies on board, you wouldn’t need to worry at all.

9. Expect amazing feats of visual satisfaction, get ready to capture them on camera, you will be flanked by a number of memorable experiences on your trip. The beauty of the open sea, the rich and abundant marine wildlife and that moment when you bag the first catch of the day.

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